Monday, September 16, 2013

It's the Barnum and BATTY Circus! Get your tickets here!

Hello! Hello!

Mom, when you explained that you saw "Turbo" I kept laughing... a movie about a snail? It sounds so cute. I'll have to see it when I get back because it'll definitely remind me of Thailand. There are snails everywhere!

We haven't gone playing/singing at the market lately because we've had a lot of things on the weekends lately or the rain comes. But, next time we go I’ll try to get someone to take a picture of us!

So, this week. There were a lot of good things that happened and we made almost all of our goals!

We had some great lessons with B. She originally had a baptismal date for the 15th of this month. Well, that didn't happen because she was never free to meet. So, we met with her and showed her a calendar of this month and the next. We told her about how many more lessons we have left to teach and asked her to pick her own date and mark the days that we can meet her. She chose the 6th of October. So, that's good. I think she finally feels really comfortable with us and actually likes it when we come over. When we were leaving she gave us each a hair bow that she had made. She's so sweet! Anyway, Saturday evening we stopped by her store to invite her for the 20th time that week to come to church. She said she would try really, really hard. She asked, "Do I have to wear long skirts like yours?" haha We said to the knees is great, but honestly come however you will. JUST COME TO CHURCH!

We are continuing to meet with Sister Du. She loves reading in the Book of Mormon and I think that our short little visits may be working. She started going on one day about how she really needs to go to church. We hadn't even been talking about church. She said she knows what she needs to do, it's just hard with her work and getting up for church. So, this is a huge step. When we first started coming she didn't seem interested at all and wouldn't even pray. Now she wants to return but is just not sure how she is going to do it. I really believe that the Book of Mormon has power! She's been consistently reading it and I think that it has helped her remember the testimony that she has and her good desires. So, Sister Du is doing well!

Yesterday after church we had a pretty sweet deal. We were going to go out and start visiting a whole bunch of people when Sister Nok and Brother John asked us what we were up to. They offered to drive us around and also gave us a few more people to go visit! So, we spent most of yesterday driving around and visiting less active members! Didn't even get sweaty! haha 

The last person we visited was Brother B. He's been a member for a long time but just doesn't like to wake up early to go to church. So, yesterday we went and visited him with S. Nok and B. John. I gave Bro. B. my bag with the steps/drawings to the plan of salvation (remember making those with me, Mom?) and asked him to put them in order. He did it perfectly and way fast!
 Sis. M asked him if Jesus was going to be at the church building on Sunday would he go to church. He said yes, of course. She asked him how he would get there and he responded that he would ride his motorcycle or he'd find a way (his tire is flat). She then explained that Jesus is at church every Sunday. It's His house and we take the sacrament to remember Him. So, I think he got the point of our visit, and he pinkie promised that he'd go to church. I feel like he will. We shall see! 

Then he gave us these things called sah-lah-bow that his mom makes and sells. They are like buns with either meat or sweet bean stuff inside. They are way good, but I burned my tongue and throat on the first one I ate. Oops... now all I want to eat is jello! Good thing jello is popular and I can get it at 7/11!

This week we had switch-offs with Sister Pannida (Sister Training Leader) and Sister Ladle (came into the MTC the transfer after me). It was way fun, however we did not get the memo that they were both coming and staying in Sarakham. Normally only one companionship is in each area. So... we have no blankets, pillows, mats, or anything... And we also have no space in our little one room apartment. It was way fun, though! We bought some mats and things worked out just fine! I spent the day with Sister Pannida. She is Thai and we pretty much spoke Thai the entire day. It was a huge confidence boost because I understood her really well and could express myself pretty well. Of course, she knows how to speak slowly and clearly so that falangs understand her, but still, I was really happy. I got a lot of good advice and help from her and we had some great visits! Way fun!

This week the lady that we used to sing to, Sister Jiam, passed away. She was such a wonderful person and a great example. The branch members were super close to her and very supportive of her. Very sad that she's gone, but she had been suffering from cancer from a long time and was in a lot of pain. So, I think it was a relief. She died in the middle of the night and Friday morning I got a call from the Elders and a few members asking us to come with them to the hospital. We didn't really know what for, but we met them there at 8:00. Apparently they had asked the Elders to come and give a prayer. So, we went to the room where they keep the deceased and the elders said a prayer over Sister Jiam. It was a little freaky being in that room, but also really nice to see Sister Jiam one last time. The next day we went out to her house with the members for a little memorial that her family had going. We all sang them her favorite hymn (Come, Come ye Saints) and said a prayer. It was nice to show our support to her family who are not members of the church. 

On Tuesday at English class we had another bat. Elder Chelson had just been talking about how bats are the most dangerous animal here because they usually carry rabies and it's a huge pain in the neck if you get bit by one. So, as we were starting our class all of a sudden a bat flew out of the AC. Sister Mullen started running out of the room, but the bat kept swooping down almost running into us and the students. So, I started crawling on the floor to the door yelling for the students to follow us out. When we got out of the room we ran and got the elders to come catch it. But none of the students had left the room and seemed completely not bothered by the bat. haha The elders ran around the room for a few minutes with brooms trying to catch it. They finally trapped it in the curtain and took it outside. When we went back into the room we asked the students whey they didn't leave and if they were scared. They said they didn't care about the bat and I guess it was not scary enough for them to leave. haha So, we missionaries put on a pretty good show freaking out about the bat in the room. I think they were all really entertained!

On that note, though, English is going well. We have about 30 or so people there each week and we are finally at a point where we can split into beginner and advanced. Sis M and I teach the beginner class and the Elders teach the advanced class. The students love missionaries and love talking to us.  One girl really is obsessed with us. Her English is very good and she is always asking to take pictures with us. Another girl has been trying to find us on facebook. haha Love English class!

Sister Mullen is a really good singer, but she always goes around singing off tune just to be funny. So, we both sing songs off tune just enough so that it sounds like we're trying to be serious. We get a good kick out of it. Anyway, a few days ago we decided to record ourselves and leave a nice little album on our phone for the next missionaries that have our phone. It's pretty awful and pretty funny.
I love you all so so so so much! Thank you for your love and encouragement. I hope you have an awesome week. I think of you all the time.


Liz :)