Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baptism is a pizza

Hello family!

So, this was a great week! Lots of really good things happened.

Last Monday we had FHE at Sister Ooy's house. She is the primary president and she has three kids that are all still living at home. Her husband is not a member and she wants so badly for him to be a member and to have the priesthood in her home. She invited us over, along with the elders, to share a message and to fellowship him. One thing that I definitely took for granted before I came on the mission was having the priesthood in our home. In Thailand there is definitely a lack of men in the church and so many women and families want so badly to have priesthood holders in their own homes. We're going to try to help as much as we can.

Also on Monday we (tried) to make pumpkin pie. We bought already cooked pumpkin off the street and then mixed a whole bunch of ingredients with it and poured it over an oreo crust. Tasted nothing like a pumpkin pie, but it was pretty tasty. Even the Elders ate it! haha Happy Thanksgiving to us!

At English class you have to be 14 years old or older to come, or else have a parent come with you. There are a ton of little kids younger than that who come every week. Last week we announced that rule. Still a whole bunch of kids showed up. So, we finally had to lay down the law and it was so painful! They are the cutest little kids, but we couldn't let them enter the classroom because they were too young. Sister Crockett enforced it and did a great job. So, they all just went outside and played and probably had more fun anyway! But then in class E. Chambers taught the students to sing "Jingle Bells." It was pretty funny! I heard a couple girls in the back talking about Christmas and Easter. One said she liked Easter better because it tastes better... they must have pretty great Easter candy here.

Oh, this week we also got to meet with Min! She's doing pretty well. (She wants to be baptized when her mom returns in January). However, she's now not sure when her mom will return, and she is firm about waiting until then to be baptized.  While we were there her Grandma made us pad thai. I've decided to start planning visits with her around meal times because every single time we go she cooks something up for us. haha

Also, Cream is doing really well, and so is her mom. They came to church together and Yuwi seemed to have a really great time. She stayed all three hours, participated super well, and seemed way happy. They are so cute! And Cream made Sister C and I the cutest little origami cards that say "I love you" on them. Made my day!

Toward the beginning of this week we went with Sister Nok to surprise a less active lady for her birthday. She's a sweet lady. We went to her work and sang happy birthday to her, and then gave her some treats that the elders had purchased and a card that we bought and all signed. She was so happy. She kept reading her card over and over and thanking us. Then she wanted a picture with us all, too. She told us that she had forgotten that it was her birthday and that she felt so special. It completely made my week to see how happy she was! Oh, here's a little Thai culture for you-- Thai people will often show affection to people they are close with by sniffing them, like on the cheek or head. So, Sister Y. gave me a huge hug and sniff and I felt pretty bad for her because I'd been sweating like crazy all day long. That was probably not very pleasant!

 A few days ago we went to try and find a less active man at his work. We never found him, but his work place is awesome. It's basically like a huge, super fancy, nice Home Depot in the middle of nowhere. In my previous life I never really enjoyed home improvement stores, but apparently now I love them! It felt so familiar and I wanted to dance around the store because I was so happy. haha Sort of weird! 

Also, the Elder's investigator, Sam, got baptized on Sunday! So, so, so happy for them! We've been praying hard for him!

A couple funny things: On Saturday we went inviting off of baptismal commitments. I went up to one person and showed them a pass-along-card and asked if they were familiar with baptism. They said no, so I proceeded to tell them that baptism is a pizza. Um... oops... no, it's not a pizza, it's a "pithi" (means ordinance basically). I think they were pretty confused. haha

Also, Sister Crockett talks in Thai in her sleep. It's pretty entertaining! A couple nights ago I woke up to use the bathroom. When I came back and hopped into bed, Sister Crockett, in her sleep started laughing and then said, "คิดถึงเจ้า" which is a super formal way of saying "I missed you." I don't know what she was dreaming about, but it was perfect timing since I'd just returned from the bathroom. Made me laugh.

Those are the main events of the week! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I am so thankful for you. I am so blessed to have you and I love you so much!