Monday, August 25, 2014

Changes and Changs (elephants)

Hello family and friends!

This was a really great week. Lots of travel, it's all kind of a blur. Basically, we headed down to Bangkok on Wednesday night and got there around 6:00am on Thursday morning to drop off Sister Tilley. Sad to say good bye to her, she's one awesome missionary and I am so happy we got to spend a couple of weeks together! Anyway, we had to run a few errands in BKK to get her ready to leave, so that took up most of Thursday. However, I became the new Sister Training Leader, so we had to stay for Friday as well to go to Missionary Leadership Council. We stayed the night at the Asoke Sisters' house and it was soooo much fun! There are the DinDaeng Sisters (Sister Jackson and Sister Pitts) and the International sisters (Sister Ing and Sister Peterson!). It was SO awesome to catch up with Sister Peterson. I have really missed her. Also, in the middle of the night Sister DuPlessis and Sister Eve  showed up. So fun to see them! Miss them all. Sister Hughes and Sister Speas are now STL's in Udon and we all went out to Sizzlers and Coldstone together! It was a really fun reunion.

Anyway, Friday morning we had MLC and the Meekers prepared a delicious pancake breakfast for us all. They are the sweetest! So full of energy and always serving others. Normally MLC happens at the beginning of every month, but there was a special meeting this week in preparation for the visit of Elder Allen, who is over the mission department. He's coming in two weeks, which is when we'll go to BKK again for another MLC. This time we received training from President and he talked about how we can unite the mission a little better and remember to have balance in all we do.  
President also discussed other reminders to pass along to the zones. So, it was a really great meeting to prepare us all for when E. Allen comes. He's coming to MLC, and will go out teaching and inviting with some missionaries in Bangkok. I'm excited to see what we learn from him!
It was a really fun, and really tiring three days of travel and no sleep! haha Today is going to be a relaxing P-day! But I just loved meeting with Elders and Sisters from around the mission. Such a boost!

Back in Chiang Mai we have been really, really blessed! We weren't here for a good chunk of the week, but God blessed us for it!

We have one investigator that is on mark to be baptized this coming Sunday. She is about 20, studying at the university. She has a pretty awesome story. So, a long time ago she ran into some missionaries and she was not at all interested. However, she kept the pass-along card that they gave her. A few weeks ago she was at school and a Christian lady came and prayed with them in one of her classes. She said she felt different and she felt good and she wanted to learn more about what she felt. So, she remembered the elders that she had once met, and decided to come to church. So, last Sunday she came for the first time and we got to teach her multiple times this week. She is so prepared and so sincere in learning. She has so many awesome questions and she is so willing to keep the commandments. One of my favorite moments was when we were watching the Restoration video and at the First Vision she gasped and told us she had goose bumps! She's so solid and she loves being at the church. She's made a lot of friends and is so willing to meet with us. We'll be teaching her tonight. I love this girl and am so grateful for the elders that gave her that pass-along card so long ago and that she acted on her feelings to come to church. What a miracle!

Also, we had 5 investigators that came to church on Sunday! All of them have the goal to be baptized, but there's going to be a lot of logistical things to work out. So, we're praying and working for miracles. We just feel extra blessed and excited!

Oh, this was really fun: So, last week we were talking with the zone leaders about how we can give a little boost to the zone. Elder Omer had a great idea of coming up with a motivational video to the Alex Boye rendition of "Have I Done Any Good?" So, we took videos of our companionships working and Sister Bentley compiled them into a movie for the zone. It turned out way cute!  Anyway, that was super fun, and I was blown away at how fast Sis. Bentley whipped out that video. She's never made videos before and it’s done so well. Skill. 

Anyway, those are the highlights of the week. It's all kind of a blur, but it was such a good week. I love Sister Bentley so much. She is such an amazing missionary and we have so much fun together. I'm learning a lot from her. I love Chiang Mai. I love the members. I love this Gospel and I LOVE sharing it!

I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing week!


Sister Stevenson