Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Again. Thai-ing things up.

I’m home! Here’s a quick update of my last few days in country.

So Monday was my last day in Chiang Mai and we were able to email for the last time, as well as visit and teach a few investigators and members. We spent some time with Sister Anne and Sister Mew. They are so amazing and Sister Anne will be baptized this coming Sunday! That same evening our whole district and a few of the members went out to eat and then we hit the road to Bangkok.

On Tuesday we had our interviews with President Senior. I am just so grateful to have had the amazing opportunity to serve under President and Sister Senior. They are truly inspired and understand what Heavenly Father wants for Thailand at this time.They love the missionaries and the Thai people so much and they serve not only tirelessly, but with energy and enthusiasm. They have been such an important influence in my life and I am so thankful for the example they have been to me.

On Wednesday we got a P-day, so we went to the Grand Palace! It is located in Thonburi by the Chao Praya River and is so beautiful! Then we headed back to the Office to take the new missionaries inviting. I got to go with Sister Morgan and she did so well! She is not afraid to speak to people and even got two phone numbers! I think this is an awesome new group of missionaries coming in.

Thursday was transfers. It was wonderful to meet all my amazing missionary friends, but also sad because it was the last time. But, as usual, there was a lot of energy and excitement and happiness! Some big news from transfers: Mahasarakham is open for sisters!! In fact, only for sisters. They moved the elders to Galasin and put in two sister companionships! Sister Peterson and Sister Smith, as well as Sister Sawangwong and her companion. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to hear about what happens in Sarakham! Also P-loog is now open for sisters again! After transfer meeting we had a little meeting with the Seppi’s to help us with finding jobs, etc… and then we went to the office to organize some of our stuff. In the evening we had dinner with the Seniors at a delicious Thai restaurant. It was amazing to just relax and chat with our group and the Seniors. After that we went to the Senior’s house to have a testimony meeting and Tim-Tam slam one last time. It was a really special evening.

The next morning we left the office around 4:00am to head to the airport. President Senior, Elder Meeker, the AP’s and the Office Elders took us. At the airport there was quite a large group of members from Bangkok to send us off, including many from Bangkapi! It was amazing to see these people that I love so much one last time! Brother Somkiat, Sister Boat, Sister Fon, Sister Janti, Brother Pae, Sister Eye, Sister Jane, Sister James, Sister Gratay, and many others were there.  I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!

Our flight went from BKK to Tokyo, then to Seattle, and then home. I think taking off out of Bangkok was probably the hardest thing I have ever done as a missionary. I could not stop crying and as I looked around the missionaries on the plane were doing the same. We love Thailand and being missionaries so much. It’s really hard to say goodbye to it all.

However, Friday afternoon was so joyful as I got to meet with my amazing family and friends again at the airport! I have missed them all so much! I got released just about an hour or so later and that was probably the second hardest thing I’ve ever done on my mission.

Now I am home again with my family and am so full of gratitude for the time I spent as a missionary in Thailand. I gained more from that experience than I can even explain and it is something that will guide the rest of my life. I love my mission so much and I love Thailand! If you are able, serve a mission. It will completely change your life.