Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

Hello Wonderful Amazing Family!!!
Yaaaaaaaaaay! I finally get to email home!!! Happy Pday!!! And this is much faster than trying to handwrite, you'll probably be able to read it better, too!
So.... I don't really remember what I wrote in my last letters. Did you get them all? I sent three, I think!
But, yes, there are 18 of us new Thais. 3 elders and 6 sisters in my district. We have Elder Hogan (DL), Elder Black, and Elder Proctor; Sisters Greenwood, Tilley, Muller, Speas, Narayana, and me! Loooooove my district and love my zone! The "phii" (older) Thais are leaving in about two weeks to Thailand and they have been very welcoming. So, soon we'll be the phii thais welcoming in the noong Thais!! Dii Maag!
So, I want to answer as many questions as possible and tell you everything I can!
Sister Narayanan is great! She's from California but she was born in India. Her family is Hindu, but are not strict at all and totally support her joining the church. She has a great convert perspective that is really refreshing! I love it and can't wait to see what I learn from her!
Also, what I learned this week: be careful what you wish for. I was so nervous about not being able to get in a good work out once I started my mission... I should never have worried. Sister Narayanan is a marathoner and waaaaay into fitness! So, I was excited the first time that we decided to go out for a run (on Monday). She knew that I did half marathons so she must have assumed that I was in super good shape. No. That afternoon we went on a 5 mile SPRINT!!!! I almost died, I really was about to roll across our door into our bedroom! So, I definitely got my wish and then some! And, we also get up a half hour early every day to go run  before we get ready in the morning... and then we have fifty minutes in the gym later in the day. So, needless to say, my companion is going to keep me in shape whether or not I want to! (I do want to! haha) It's great! And kind of funny.
My teacher's name is Brother Burgess; however, he may not be for long, I think they kind of switch the teachers around, I'm not really sure still how everything works yet. But, he's great and I really like class.
But Thai seriously is sooooo fun! I love love love this language. We have taught our fake investigator, Dtam, 3 times now, and we have a lesson with him tonight. It's definitely been a learning experience! I can already tell that we're quickly improving. Tonight my goal is to give the lesson without notes! We'll see how that goes! haha We are teaching about the Plan of Salvation. Sister N. and I make the outline of our lesson in English, pick what we each want to talk about, then practice our parts in Thai. Our lessons are always less than ten minutes, but we're off to a good start! I love it! Can't wait until we are teaching real investigators.
We do a lot with the other district. Their classroom and residence is right next door to ours, so I can tell we are all going to be great friends. On our floor (there are 4 floors in our building) there are about 60-70 sisters. They are all going to different places!
That is awesome what Monica said about the temple. How awesome to be a part of this work at this time! Let's hope we all work as hard as we can to get that temple!!!!
So, a typical day: (it changes everyday)
(6:00: go for a run)
6:30- get ready
7:30- breakfast
8:05-11:05- classroom
11:05-12:20- personal study (which we just do in the classroom)
12:20-1:05- lunch
1:05-4:05- classroom
4:05-5:20- dinner
6:05-9:30- study/computer study/personal planning/ service/ devotional.... depends on the day!
That is sort of what a day is like... basically most of our time we are in our classroom studying! Or outside studying if it is nice out!
I didn't realize how much unstructured time we have. We have huge chunks during the day where we can use it to study however/whatever we like. For some reason I always thought that we'd be with a teacher, but we actually have a lot of time by ourselves to study what we want... which is good and makes sense!
Also, I am so glad that you are having so many missionary experiences/ support from friends! That is so awesome! And how sweet of Kellie to bring over that Sees gift! So nice!
The cafeteria has a good variety of food, but the main meals are pretty unappetizing to me. So, they have a great salad/wrap/soup bar, cereal, veggies, fruits... you can definitely eat healthy if you want to!
I love you all soooooooooooooo much! :)
Think of any questions you have, things I didn't cover!
Liz :)