Monday, May 6, 2013

First Letter! (excerpts)

First day as a missionary! Wahoo! So, I'm just going to keep adding to this letter as the day goes on.

Right after you dropped me off I was taken by the two host missionaries to get my nametag, MTC card, schedule and HUGE stack of books. The hosts said they've never seen a pile that big!! haha
 Then they took me to my room to drop off my suitcases. Looks like there's going to be six of us in our room. Next they took me to my classroom!!

It was so fun because I could understand everything that my teacher said in that first hour. Sooo grateful that I took that Thai class! We just kind of sat in the classroom until our whole district showed up. My companion was already waiting for me! Her name is Sister Narayanan and she is of Indian origin (as in the country of India), but she is from Sacramento, CA. and is a fairly recent convert...haven't got her whole story yet.

Our district has three Elders and six Sisters. Sister N. is super sweet and I think we're going to get along really well. The other four sisters in our district; Sis. Tilley, Sister Greenwood, Sis. Mullen and Sis. Speas. Once all the districts assembled we had a welcome from the MTC presidency and then went to dinner. Turns out my companion got baptized two Februaries ago. She is also....drumroll...a marathon runner!! Hallelujah! What a blessing. I am so happy about that. You'll like this mom- she also is a marathon-iron-er...she hates wrinkled clothing! ha ha  These companionships are divinely inspired! I LOVE my roommates/district. They are cute and funny and so very nice.

I am so excited to start out with three hours of Thai class in the morning!

My p-day is Wed. and I go to the temple @7:30 in the morning. So... no e-mails until Wednesday.
I love you!