Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthdays and Broadcasts and bugs, oh my!

Hello Family!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and that Mom is having a great time at Girl's Camp! Wahoo!
Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing birthday package! Our zone had a blast with the pinata and party favors... I even saw some of our teachers sneaking the pinata candy. haha The best, everyone kept saying how awesome our family is. We had so much fun, thank you!!
I love my elephant necklace so much! I've been wearing it and everyone keeps complimenting it and saying how cute it is. And thank you so much for the cute notecards, I've been running out. I love my little red notebook, I think I'm going to make that my church journal/new vocab journal. The elephant bag was adorable, and I love that Ben and Jerry's lipgloss. I am so spoiled! Also, the package with the nuts made my day! I love the pics on it, and those nuts are a perfect snack at night. Thank you also for the NY taxi chocolate, make up, and post-its. Holy Cow, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! It was such a wonderful birthday! 

My district got me a  birthday card and they all wrote sweet notes in it. I love that card! They also bought me some candy and wrapped it up cute, as well as a Tide pen (I've become infamous for accidentally drawing with pen on my shirt/body almost every day. Weird... I've never had that problem before. haha). Also, at 12:00 am on my birthday, all the sisters in my room jumped out of bed, turned on the light, and popped party poppers on my bed! They are the cutest and so much fun!! I felt so loved by everyone!
What made this birthday even more amazing was, of course, that amazing broadcast! It was so crazy to be sitting right behind 11 of the 12 apostles. They were so close to us, and Elder Nelson kept looking back at us before the broadcast began and would give us thumbs up. He even blew us all a kiss! So cute! It was really cool to experience the whole behind the scenes of this broadcast. We had to really follow the choir director because they were cued to the video and we had to be exactly on with it. I agree, though, that they could have done without the video and just shown the missionaries. If I was a parent I'd be dying for the camera to pan over my kid! After the broadcast we all went back to our classroom and watched all the parts where they videoed us and we found everyone in our districts, even if it was pretty small! So fun... we also decided to watch about 20 minutes of it in Thai. It was surprising how much we could all understand! Encouraging! Anyway, the broadcast was wonderful! It really got me even more excited to get out there and use the members as much as possible! I loved how Elder Perry said that "by virtue of our membership in His church, our calling is to invite others to come unto Christ." So true! I hope when I get back I can still be an effective missionary. I also like how Elder Packer said that "revelation begins to flow when we start." We just need to start teaching/inviting/helping others and Heavenly Father will help us! Anyway, there were so many great things in this fireside, so awesome to be a part of it! Grandma Pat went to it, but I never saw her :( She said she looked for me and asked a whole bunch of missionaries if they knew me, but she never could locate me.
It was an AMAZING birthday! :) Thank you for making it so so so great! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Also, I just made the connection a few days ago that one of the Nccng Thais is the daughter of President Croft in Gma/Gpa's stake. Remember when we met him before I left for the MTC at stake conference? She's super cute!
So, the big day finally arrived last Friday! OUR TRAVEL PLANS CAME! I sent you a letter after I got them, and I'll attach a picture of the schedule. But basically, we're leaving here at 3:15pm or so, taking trax to the airport, and then flying to LA at 8:25pm. From there we'll leave for Hong Kong at 11:55 pm! So, I'm not going to have a ton of time at either SLC or LAX, but I'll call at SL first, and then if there's time at LAX. I have a phone card with 300 minutes, so I'll try to call both phones! CANNOT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU! Yahoooooooooo! I've been practicing cool phrases to tell you in Thai! haha Oh... we're leaving on Monday, July 1st! Also, OUR NAME TAGS came in! Wahoo! I now officially know how to spell my name in Thai. It's a hard name for a Thai speaker to say, so it's pronounced, "Suh-dtii-wen-sun."
On Saturday for TRC we got to skype with members in Thailand! So so so so so so much fun! Sis N and I skyped with a guy named "Ron" who works in the mission office. I think he understood us, at least he responded and acted like he knew what we were saying. And we could understand most of what he said! So awesome! At the end he said (in English), "I'm sorry, I break rule and speak English. You two speak very well, but do not be discouraged if people have a hard time understanding you at first. Just practice hard."  So... we probably have some pretty dang strong English accents, but we'll work on it! And it'll come once we're there a while. Such a fun experience! Can't wait to meet him when we get there.
Lately Brother Booth has been bringing in a lot of pictures from when he was serving there and telling us all sorts of stories and giving us advice. It has been so fun and we cannot stop smiling because we're leaving so soon. I have loved this MTC experience, but I am beyond ready to get there, even if I'm not totally ready language wise. I just CANNOT wait! Good thing we leave in five days!
Okay, one of the best stories yet at the MTC... So, on Monday, one of the sisters in our district had to go to the doctor for something. As she was leaving the doctor noticed some bite marks on her arm and told her she had bed bug bites. Sooooo, as a result, all the girls in our two phii thai districts had to take all of our clothes to the laundry room in big red bags that said "Biohazard- infectious waste," and wash our clothes. We then had to take EVERYTHING out of our rooms and spray it with this killer bug spray that's not suppose to touch your skin.  We then had to all shower and put on our "decontaminated" clothes and move to a new room in our building. They then shut down our two rooms to disinfect them. So, we basically got all of our packing and cleaning done a week early! haha I just loved all the stares as 11 of us carried our "biohazard" bags across campus! Funniest day ever. We missed class and literally spent from 4:00pm until midnight trying to get all the laundry/cleaning/packing done! This should make moving out really easy!
Yesterday Janice Kapp Perry and her husband, Douglas, came to speak at our devotional. They are just wonderful! We're so lucky that we've gotten to hear from them twice now. They spoke a lot of how music brings the spirit and how missions are sanctifying experiences. At a certain point she told us how she just loves the BYU campus because that is where she and her husband met in a music class. She told us her husband’s first line, "Those lips look like they were made for something much better than playing the clarinet..." haha But then her husband promptly got up off the stand, ran to the pulpit and gave her a huge kiss on the lips! Then he went to go sit down, but decided otherwise, turned around, and gave her another huge kiss! That got the missionaries excited! haha So funny. Later in her talk, she was telling us how she decided to make a family song to unite their family. She recorded it with all of her family, and she decided to play it for us all. She sang her part live, and her husband had a little line that he sang. When it was his turn to sing his little part, he got up out of his chair and danced his way to the microphone. It was the cutest/funniest thing ever! Afterward, Sister Perry said, "I know that man like a book, but today I do not know what page he's on! But I do know one thing- he's a keeper!" Most entertaining devotional ever!
Okay, so I think I will be sending some stuff home that I won't need/don't have room for. I' m going to send a few clothing items to the free place where Gma P or someone can pick them up. I'll find out more about that today and send a letter off. I'm also going to send home all my DearElders and some of my letters. They are precious and I don't want them to get lost. I also don't have room!
I'm about out of time, so I'm going to start sending pictures. I love you all so much and am so so so grateful for your support and love. I am so blessed to get so many letters and packages from you! I appreciate it sooooo much!
Next week at this time, you'll be receiving an email from THAILAND, baby!! Wahooooo! (I think pdays are on Mondays there, but we'll see for sure soon.)