Monday, February 10, 2014

Elephants, tigers and Liz, Oh My!

Dear family,

Mom, THANK YOU SOOOO much for the Valentine’s Day package!  We've already decorated the apartment and we're going to make cupcakes this Friday! I loved the card, too. It's so funny, I thought people here would like lizards because they're all over the place. But people are scared of them- even the little ones. People always laugh and think I'm weird when they ask me what my favorite animal is and I say it's a lizard. However, after this week, I may have a new favorite, or at least a close second: ELEPHANTS!!!! 

DANIEL, this week I rode an elephant!!! I’ll get to that in a second, though.

Yesterday was an amazing day because Brother Somgiad was baptized! He's our 70 year old investigator that is so awesome! He is one that willingly keeps commitments, loves to come to EVERY activity at church, and loves people in general. I'm pretty sure he knows everyone in the whole ward by now. haha He's definitely one of the "elect" that we're being encouraged to find. So, yesterday he was baptized, which we weren't expecting. On Friday we taught him all the remaining commandments that he hadn't yet learned. He originally had a date for the 16th but he was unsure because he had a whole bunch of concerns with work that were weighing on his mind. I promised him that if he got baptized and then received the gift of the Holy Ghost his problems would only get better and he'd have the help that he needs to deal with all those issues. I told him that he'd learned everything and that he was ready to be baptized. I invited him to interview for baptism and he agreed! So, then I had to go run and find E. Clarke to interview him. haha He passed and he was way happy. He said he felt peaceful and was happy he decided to be baptized. I feel like the Holy Ghost was definitely helping him realize that he was ready for baptism. 

It was such a special day yesterday because two of the Elders' investigators got baptized as well. So we had three in all, they were all very happy. We also had 20 investigators at church among our district!! Unheard of for me! Seven of our investigators came to church. That was a complete miracle because it was completely unexpected. We are very, very grateful! So, to say the least, yesterday we were way blessed! Gave us all a huge boost!

So, that, of course, was the highlight of the week!

Second highlight: I RODE AN ELEPHANT! Last Monday our district went to the crocodile farm. We saw a crocodile show, an elephant show, and then rode an elephant, as well! It was way fun! 

After the zoo we decided to go to the ocean as well! First time I've gone since I've been in Thailand! We went to this pier in SamutBragan that has a TON of seagulls. Really pretty! That was probably my favorite p-day ever! Also, Dad, on the way back from the ocean I was sitting on the bus next to a Korean guy. I said hello and thank you to him. That's all I could remember! haha Except kimchee... but that was not relevant at  the time. I need to learn some more Korean phrases!

Our investigators are all doing well!

Sister Pat has a baptismal date for the 23rd and she is really progressing well. It really is amazing to see people accept the Gospel. Makes me so happy! This was funny, though: on Saturday we had a lesson with her. On Friday Sis. Sawangwong had assigned her to read 3 Nephi 11 about Christ visiting the Americas. She mixed up the books because when she asked her what she thought about the reading Sister Pat said, "Well, I read it all, but I don't really understand it." When she opened the scriptures we realized that she had read Alma 11, which is where the Nephite coinage is set forth. I literally could not stop laughing after that. Poor lady was probably so confused as to why we assigned her to read about the Nephite's money system! haha Made my day!

Sister Ch. is doing really well. She's ready to be baptized, she's just worried about telling her parents. Luckily Sister Jane and Fone helped us teach and they shared their own similar experiences with her. I think it helped a lot. I seriously am so impressed with the recent converts in this ward. They are so with it and so willing to help. They know the doctrine and they live it! I love it! They really are inspiring!

We got quite a few new investigators from street contacting. Haven't taught a lot yet, I'll let you know next week.


Love, Liz :)