Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KFC. Gangnam Style.

Helllloooooo amazing family! I love you all so much! 

I am really craving that homemade Cafe Rio dinner! Muy sabroso!! อา่รอยมาก! Today for Cinco de Mayo we were going to go to a Mexican place that has tacos and pie, but we may save that for district meeting. haha So, today we'll just speak in Spanish (now that all I can really remember is "hola"...)

Well, this has been a grand week with lots of miracles! There was one investigator of the elders baptized yesterday. Her name is Sister Pet and she is so cute! I love this lady. She loves to travel and she wants to take us to see all the major sites in Thailand. Maybe when we come back! Anyway, she gave a really nice testimony. When she met with the missionaries she all of a sudden felt like she was loved and supported and was now part of a family. She changed her life around and is so happy to be a part of this ward family and to have the gospel to guide her life now.

Okay, so this week we had some really neat teaching experiences and situations. I loved this week so much.


Do you remember these two? Well, he learned with us (Sis.Sawangwong and me) and was about to interview with the mission presidency when he all of a sudden left out of nowhere and we couldn't contact him. Last Monday I decided to just give his mom a call in case he'd happened to come back and he had! He came to English class on Tuesday and to church on Sunday. He is excited to be baptized and he has been keeping the commandments. Such a huge miracle!

Also, Nadia came back on Wednesday. We taught her back in December and she returned to the South to spend time with her Mom before she could get baptized. She ended up staying down there way longer than she expected, and we kind of lost touch with her because she stopped answering her phone. However, she's back! She said she prayed to Heavenly Father every day when she was back home that she'd be able to get back to Bangkapi to be baptized. She's been reading her scriptures and keeping the commandments! She keeps telling us how grateful she is to God that she's back! Amaaaazing! So excited!

Another awesome story! So, we have two recent converts (that Sis. Orchard/Sawangwong baptized) named Bua and Boon. They are sisters and are so cute. They love the gospel and they love to share it. Well, turns out they have a 15 year old younger sister who they've started bringing to activities and church. I think they've already shared quite a bit with her about the gospel. We've started teaching her. The last lesson we had was the plan of salvation. She loved it all and understood it so well. I asked if she believed the things that we teach and she said she really does. She accepted a date to be baptized. Her sisters were soooo excited. Her closing prayer was the sweetest. She told Heavenly Father that she really likes His Plan and that she wants to follow Him. She also asked for Him to open her parent’s hearts to let her be baptized. It was the sweetest most heartfelt little prayer. So, we're going to do all we can for Sister Su to be baptized!

Okay, so last week I contacted into a few Nigerian men who all came to church. We, and E. Black, are teaching them just because of the way things worked out, and J. has a date to be baptized for the 18th. He's married with a 6 year old son and has been working here in Thailand for the last 7 years. He's so awesome! I really love teaching him. He has lots of good questions and really likes what we teach. So many blessings this week!

Also, yesterday Sister Boat gave the sweetest testimony. She talked about how before she was a member of this church she would fight all the time with her mom and she felt so bad. She said once she was baptized and confirmed and understood the gospel better she gained patience and love that she hadn't had before and now she has a much better relationship with her mom. She got emotional about it and I could really feel the Spirit in the room. I love Sister Boat so much!

It's just amazing how the gospel changes every aspect of our lives. The longer I'm out the more I understand the gospel and our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. These are priceless truths that we have and I'm continually gaining a better appreciation for the opportunity I have right now to share it! I LOVE being a missionary!

In other news, yes, Young Ambassadors came yesterday to Changwattana. I wanted to go so bad! But, we couldn't first of all, and second of all we had a lot going on yesterday. However, Jane showed me a picture from one of their shows previous to yesterday's fireside. I saw Taylor Morris in the picture and told her to find him and tell him hello from me. She called me and was all excited to tell me that she'd found him. The members here are just so cute!

Also, turns out Friday was actually Sister Ploy's real birthday--the one we gave the "word of wisdomless" cupcakes to (as Grandma puts it haha). So, we made her a cake and took it to her. I think she was way pleased. Half the ward came to drop it off at her house, too. She felt special!

E. Hartman left a huge bag of macaroni and cheese that his mom sent him and the members wanted to know how to make it. So, at sports day we taught them how. It was not a hit... they all started putting ketchup, vinegar, and chili powder to spice it up. I gave a bowl to a little kid to eat and he left the room. He came back a few minutes later and looked a little distraught and asked where the fish sauce was. haha So, mac 'n cheese seems to be a no go here. 

On Saturday we had some fun adventures. We decided to get our favorite Thai dish at KFC to start our fast, and that was a good choice because we got quite a show there. We were sitting down waiting for our food and a worker came up to us gave us these little flags that she wanted us to wave because the workers were going to do a dance for their boss/inspector person that was coming shortly. I was kind of confused. haha Anyway, a few minutes later the boss shows up, Gangnam style type music starts playing and all the workers come out from behind the counter with pom-poms and start doing this pre-choreographed dance adding in some cheers and shouts, too. Sister Peterson waved our flags in the corner and felt kind of weird, but it was funny and so entertaining. I just don't ever see that happening in KFC at home... haha Great start to the afternoon. Later, while we were contacting we found this awesome Khlong path that was so thick with foliage and beautiful.

We are so grateful for the amazing experiences we are having here and the wonderful people we are working with!

We get to skype next Monday!!! Wahooo!

I love you all sooooooo much!


Sister Liz Stevenson