Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"spreading goodness" and eating cheesecake

Hello everybody!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA LYNN! I hope you have a wonderful day and get a lot of great flamingo gifts! :)

Well, this was quite the week! It was pretty stressful, but a lot of good things happened, too.

So, last P-day we went to Minburi Market and I got us all a whole bunch of elephant pants. haha I hope you want elephant pants because you are getting them!!

On Tuesday we had a really fun lunch date with Sister O. She invited all of us missionaries over, as well as a few members (Sister Janti, Sister Jan, and Sister Es). It was so fun to spend time with them and to share some thoughts about being a disciple of Christ. These are amazing women and I love to hear their testimonies!

Okay, so Brother Jacky got baptized on Sunday. He is E. Black/Gettavong's investigator from Nigeria. He was so happy, and he brought his two little kids. They are 4 and 6 years old. He's married to a Thai women, so they speak Thai better than they speak English. They are ADORABLE!!! He's bringing them to English class to help them speak better. Love those little kids!

Oh, so this is sort of big news: we now use facebook as missionaries! I think it's going to be really helpful. We can get on three times a week for an hour or less each time. We are only using facebook for members and investigators in our areas, though. So we don't add anybody else. But, I think it will be really useful in contacting people that are hard to get a hold of. Way excited for this!

So this last week there's been a really fun "ancient" market going on at Fashion Island. We were there one day for lunch and I started talking to two ladies that were shopping. They were just so excited to chat and thought it was so awesome that we are here in Thailand "spreading goodness" that they insisted on buying us cheesecake. haha Turns out these two ladies are women monks (I'm not sure what they're called). So, we got taken out to eat by monks this week. That's a new experience for sure. It was interesting to talk to them. Apparently for about 3 or 4 months out of the year they will go live at the Buddhist temples. They were so cute to talk to and were also really interested in our work. They said that we are their new friends and they are going to come find us at the church. So, you never know, we'll see what happens with them! 

Sister Su has a baptismal date for this coming Sunday. She's so ready and wants to be baptized so badly. She's 15 so she has to get parental permission. I think we'll go out and visit them with the Bishop. Praying really hard this works out! She wants it so bad!!

On a high note, yesterday Sister Nadia was confirmed a member of the church. She was sooooo happy! After the meeting she ran up to me, gave me a big hug, and said, "I've found my answer!" She just loves the gospel so much and she has such an amazing testimony already! So so so happy!

At church we had a random new investigator show up. We also had a Chinese family come to church that is interested and found us online. We taught them all and I think they'll start progressing!

Also, yesterday we had a lot of fun going to a member's house to teach a couple of referrals! This lady's husband owns a Harley Davidson repair shop and it was quite a funny crowd of people we got to meet. They were all way nice and funny. We ended up teaching a friend of this member and her younger sister. They were receptive and willing to keep on meeting! Way exciting!

So, I'd say those are the main events of this week! It was a little crazy because we're trying to accomplish our mission goals, and it's cutting it really close. I'm a little nervous and stressed out, but I've definitely seen many miracles from Heavenly Father in the form of new investigators. We'll keep giving it our all and pray our hardest! 

I love it here and I love this work! I'm still on a high from getting to talk to you all last week!


Sister Liz Stevenson