Monday, June 2, 2014

A whole new view

Hello Familia!

Well, this was a great week! Brother Woot got baptized and I am so so so grateful and happy! It's been a long road for him and he is so happy that he is finally baptized! This week, before his baptism, we went out to his house to visit and teach him. It was such a nice visit, he was so happy to have us over. He had a lot of good questions and things that he was wondering about that we were able to answer. Definitely felt the Spirit at his house. His mom was also there and she told us that she supports him in being baptized and learning with us because it is helping him become a better person! So awesome! After our lesson, they served us a tasty Vietnamese dinner and it was just a grand time! On Saturday he, along with two of the Elder's investigators, Earth and Dong, were baptized! Happy day! Woot was so excited and I think he really felt the members love for him and God's love as well. I think Heavenly Father definitely granted me a tender mercy to stay longer here in Bangkapi to see Brother Woot baptized. I remember writing in my journal a while back that I felt that Brother Woot was one of the reasons I came to Thailand. So grateful to Heavenly Father for all the miracles and blessings that he grants us. We achieved the mission goal of three baptisms this month with a whole lot of help from Heavenly Father! 

On Sunday Sister Su was confirmed. She is so adorable! She and her two sisters are amazing and so solid. We got to teach her after church and she asked us how she should invite her parents to church. She said they are not interested at all but she wants them to come so bad. It was the sweetest thing, but it kind of broke my heart, too. These three sisters just love the gospel and want to share it with everybody, but their parents are quite unsupportive. We're praying that their parents soften their hearts a little bit. Love these girls!

Sister Nadia is doing really well. She just loves the Gospel, she loves coming to church, and she and Sister Boat are becoming really close friends! It's so cool to see! Love this girl to death!

This week we got to go visit Sister O at her house (she's a recent convert, almost upon her year mark). She works so hard and is so busy, but she has such a strong testimony and is preparing to go to the temple! She'd had a crazy week and she hadn't really made the time to read her scriptures. So, it was really nice to visit her, share a message and give a little encouragement. I always feel the spirit at her house. She and her 12 year old son, Dew, have the sweetest mother-son relationship. They just love each other so much and it is the cutest thing ever!

I just love all these people so much, I can't even describe it in this email. I just feel so grateful that I got to serve here in Bangkapi for so long. These people are so amazing and so important to me and they have all helped my testimony grow so much. It's an amazing thing.

This coming week is Zone conference! So, President Senior came to church yesterday and interviewed all of our district before meetings. It was so great to interview with him. He is always so encouraging and motivating and makes us all feel so loved. I feel so blessed that I get to serve under President Senior. He also said I will for sure be moving this coming transfer. haha

Yesterday we invited an 85 year old man who spent his life teaching English at a high school. We talked to him for a while and he explained to us all the vowel sounds that the English language has, and then gave us a solo performance of Jingle Bells and Silent Night. haha I love people!

Also, I was talking to a member who is getting ready to go on her mission. I asked her where she wants to go, and she gave a whole list, but said she did not want to go to Canada  because it is too cold. She told us that when it's cold season here in Thailand (meaning it maybe gets down into the 60's), it's so unbearable that her cat died. This hit me so funny that I literally could not stop laughing. Poor girl, poor cat!

I feel really lucky that I got to come to Asia at this time. It's definitely a turning point here and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I never expected to see as many baptisms as I already have, and I still have 5 months left. I think that Heavenly Father is really blessing Asia and blessing us missionaries. It's so cool to see. Not only that, but this mission is changing my life in so many unexpected ways. I feel like I have a whole new view on life. After a mission I just don't think you can be the same. I love life, I love the gospel, and I want to live the very best that I can.


Sister Lizzy:)