Monday, June 23, 2014

Just a Sunday drive to Bangkaen...with the whole Bangkapi ward!

This was a great week!

Last Monday we went to Asoke to Siam Paragon to meet up with Sister Peterson's friend, Ploy. This girl is super cute! She's studying at the university and loves to eat! haha She took us to a really delicious Japanese restaurant and then we shopped around a bit. We had the chance to teach a little bit about the Word of Wisdom, and repentance also. It was a really great time. Afterwards, we stopped by the office because P. Senior wanted to hear how it went. It was so fun to talk with him! I love the Seniors so much! So, it was an awesome P-day.

So, last week I think I talked about Sister D. She really wanted to get baptized, and all of a sudden she has this burning desire to become a scriptorian. She even asked if she could be a nun for our church, like Whoopie Goldberg... haha. Had to clear a few things up there.

On Thursday the International Sisters came to Bangkapi to teach a referral from our area. Sister DuPlessis, Sister Barber, and Sister Lam are serving in Inter right now. They are so cute! It was just way fun to see them. They're doing great.

On Friday we had a fun little outing with Sister Su. This lady is way funny. She will go to church in Lad Phrao occasionally. She loves missionaries! And more than that she loves to talk! It was the easiest dinner outing ever because she literally just talked the whole time and we listened and nodded our heads! Sister Peterson has some cute pictures of her family that she's laminated and takes with her everywhere.Well, Sister Su caught sight of those while Sister Peterson was going through her bag and could not get over them.  We were pretty sure she was not going to give them back! haha Love it! Anyway, the Lad Phrao elders came, as well as one of their investigators and a less active member. We went to this really pretty park by a pond that has a big fountain kind of like the ones at Vegas, except smaller. We ate somtam, larb, and fruit and enjoyed a slight breeze with a fresh (or not so fresh) spray from the pond/khlong. So sabai. 

On Saturday Sister Muu prepared lunch for all of us missionaries! How sweet is that! It was way fun and way delicious! Sister Muu has been a member for over a year now and went to the temple about a month ago. Her daughter, Mink (not our recent convert) has sent in her mission papers already. Awesome! After lunch we went with Sister Eve and Sister Eye to go visit Sister Ooy! It was good to see her. She's sweet and it was nice to visit. She's obsessed with Korea and loves to take care of falangs and take them traveling. She's offered her house to us when we come back to Thailand! 

Saturday evening we were really blessed to meet with a lot of our recent converts. We had a lesson that fell through with one of our investigators, so we ended up teaching Sister Nat (who had come to help us teach). She is having a lot of struggles in her life. However, I'm way impressed with the faith she has in God and Jesus Christ. She has such a strong testimony and I know that will pull her through all the challenges she's facing. Inspiring to me!
Sister Nadia is doing really well! She and Sister Boat are best friends and go do everything together. It just makes me so happy that these two are so close and so strong in the gospel. Amazing!

Sunday was quite the fun adventure! Since church started at 1:00, we did our inviting in the morning. It was way more effective than I thought it would be! After that we went to the Bangkapi church to teach Sister Nang. 

Sister Du randomly somehow got work off and came to church yesterday. And it was a good thing, too, because a 9 year old girl she contacted into when she was helping us last week showed up to church. We can't really be in charge of children, so the mom asked Sister Du to watch over her for the day. The little girl's name is Emroy. She's actually Cambodian, but speaks Thai really well. She looks like she's 6 years old but acts like she's 15. I have a feeling this girl has really had to fend for herself most of her life. Anyway, this girl LOVED church and wants to be baptized. Hopefully her parents will be interested so she can be baptized in a few months!

Also, we had a new investigator come to church, named Jack. He's probably in his late 30's. He showed up at the Bangkapi church at 11 to catch a ride on the song tao to church. He was probably a little bit worried about what he was getting himself into. haha But he had a really great time and made friends quickly. Once we got to the Bankaen church, we had about an hour before the meetings started so we taught him with help from Brother Dug. Brother Dug is an AMAZING teacher! He really brought the Spirit into the lesson and applied everything we were teaching right to Brother Jack's life. Jack felt the Spirit and accepted a baptismal date for next Sunday!!! What a miracle! I was so excited all day long! This guy is solid! He also got to stay for the baptism of one of the Elder's investigators after church. Just an amazing day all around! 

Mom, I loved your description of our sketchy transportation. It was so fun, though. Everyone was so happy on that song tao. It was a joyful day for sure! Also, the Bangkaen church is way cute. It has two levels and feels super cozy for some reason. Loved it! The baptism was really special because it was Brother Wisit's sister getting baptized. Brother Wisit is the WML, who was a previous Bishop. Way strong family and super happy day that his little sister is finally getting baptized. As usual, we all took pictures together in front of the church. As I was running to get in the picture I accidentally knocked the Bishop's side mirror off of his car... haha Everyone got a kick out of that and E. Black had to fix it for me. Oops!

We are feeling very blessed right now. It's crazy that transfers are already here. This last one flew by. I have loved Bangkapi soooooo much and I am going to miss it like crazy. The members here are just amazing and I love that you sort of got to know them a little bit. I love Sister Peterson so much and I'm sad that our time together is done. She's just awesome and I feel so blessed that I got to be companions with her. I'm just glad we both go the Y! It'll be so fun when we all get back!

I love you so much! Thanks for the awesome birthday wishes! Today we're going to celebrate by teaching a lesson at 12, and then going to Ikea in Banga!! Tonight is Sister O's 1 year mark as a member, so we're going to her house for dinner! Great day!


Sister Lizzy! :)