Monday, October 6, 2014

 The Wararot Market. We like to go inviting here, and shop on pday.
 Caught in a rainstorm
 This is called a รถแดง (rot daeng= red truck) and it's how people get around here. 
It's a song tao, but acts like a taxi and takes you where you want, doesn't follow a route.
 Not sure if this is interesting, but sometimes it's fun to know the day to day things.
 This is a tea/drink truck. You can get really good iced chocolate drinks.
 Beautiful clear skies! This is the front of Wat Phrasing close to our church!
 One of the district's favorite little restaurants
 Our Smoothie Man!

 All of our bikes
 On our way to Bangkok!
 MLC breakfast
 Missionary Leadership Council

 Waiting for investigators to come to church!

 Wat Phrasing