Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year, new goals, baptisms and boat rides

Hello Familia!

This was a great week! First and foremost, Sister Boat got baptized yesterday! It was a really wonderful day! She looked so happy and beautiful and bore a really nice testimony. So so happy for her! Sister Boat is a 20 year old college student here in Bangkapi. She loves to dance and she's just way sweet and cute! So, that was definitely the highlight of the week!

Second highlight: Yesterday as I was standing by the front door at church welcoming members I looked out at the parking lot and saw BROTHER BURGESS walking up the sidewalk! I almost died I was so excited and shocked! He came to visit Thailand with his wife and her family and they stopped into Bangkapi to come to church! I definitely lucked out. It was soooo fun to see him and talk with him. They are doing really well!

So, yesterday was pretty amazing!

Bangkapi is so awesome. I love it here! I love the area, I love the ward members, and I love our investigators. Sister Sawangwong is doing really well! Saturday was her birthday and she turned 23.  We celebrated with a cake from 7/11 and a service project. haha

Our Elders here are awesome! We have four specifically assigned to Bangkapi and two that serve in Lad Phrao, but are in our Bangkapi district. I am really lucky to be working with all these awesome, hard-working elders. 

Okay, so last Monday we went to an "ancient city" called Ancient Siam! It's basically this huge park with big replicas of the major structures, cities, etc... in Thailand. Way fun! We met up with the Srinacharin Sisters and rode beach bikes through the park, took pics, picnicked. It was so relaxing and soooo much fun.

After p-day ended we taught a lady that we contacted into from Mynmar. She speaks Thai pretty well, but we had pamphlets in her language for her. We'll see what comes from that!

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting. We discussed our goals for January. We figured that since this is a happening area, we have a really high functioning ward, and there are eight companionships, we are shooting for 16 baptisms this month. It's going to take a ton of faith and work, but I really believe it can happen. 

Okay, Tuesday night was fun! The ward had a big count-down party for the new year! They set up a little Karaoke stage and invited everyone to sing. They had a ton of food and decorations. It was so fun to talk with everyone and get to know people better. While we were all sitting eating and listening to the performers the sprinklers went off, soaking pretty much everyone and everything! haha  Luckily everyone thought it was hilarious and started running around laughing and trying to shut them off. One lady got completely drenched. She was eating a piece of toast and it literally disintegrated in her hand. She got such a kick out of it! haha  Just to add to the excitement of the night!

New Years Day was pretty much dead. No one could meet, so we went inviting all day long with the Elders. And Sister S. wanted to take us to this restaurant, but got lost and we all ended up at this weird shrine thing in the middle a forest. So confused. Still not sure what happened there.

Grandma Lynn will be very pleased to know that I am now teaching piano lessons! I'm teaching a recent convert named Nat. I drew out all the notes and a keyboard and labeled it. She's memorizing it. She can also play the bottom part to "Heart and Soul." She's persistent and loves it!

On Saturday we went with the Elders and finished up painting Sister Ying's house. Probably the worst paint job I've ever seen in my life, but she was thrilled with it! It was fun going out there to help her.

We had zone sports day in SapaanSuun at 8am this morning at a super nice international school. We played tennis, basketball, soccer and football. Right now I'm emailing from SapaanSuun! Way fun to see lots of friends!  While we were there a girl's basketball team was practicing (about 15 years old). They wanted to play against us. Umm.... I do NOT play basketball. haha  But we tried. Those girls are pretty darn aggressive! It was fun, but I looked like a fool! Fun morning! Later today we are going to some big market somewhere. Fun day!
On the way to sports day we had a great conversation with the taxi driver! He agreed to come to church this Sunday.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you so much for your hard work, your love, and support!