Monday, January 20, 2014

I AM a child of God

Hello Khrobkhrua!
So, this week was amazing! So many miracles!

First and foremostly, Sister NamLeg got baptized yesterday! She was planning on being baptized on the 26th, but changed her mind because she felt ready and wanted to be baptized sooner! So exciting! So, we finished up teaching our lessons and then she interviewed. She was so nervous. She literally memorized chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel for the interview! haha She knows her stuff! Anyway, yesterday she was baptized and she was so happy and excited. It was such an amazing day! Two of the Elder's investigators were also baptized yesterday. Sunday was so awesome! There was so much joy and happiness welcoming these three into the ward! I feel so blessed to be serving here right now!

We also have a couple new investigators from street contacting who have baptismal dates for next month! The Elders are experiencing miracles as well! We are all so grateful to God for His help and direction in this work.

Tuesday was fun! Teaching English has all of a sudden become much more enjoyable with the Lao Elders' program! Last week's grammar principle was on "be" verbs. At the end of the lesson we played the Mormon Message "I AM a Child of God." We taught the whole class the song and they all sang along to the music video. It was really special to see all these students singing that they were children of God. It brought the spirit to that English lesson.

So, the mission now has a new standard for inviting. We have always been asked to go street contacting for two hours every day. Now, we are asked to invite at least 20 people to be baptized every day (per person, not companionship). It's fun! And when we go inviting I'd say we invite at least 40-50 each. We're seeing results! Lots of interested people just from street contacting.  
President Senior really has an amazing vision for this mission and pushes us to work really hard. Really grateful to be serving under him! We also have new baptismal pass-along cards that have a place to fill out their name, our name, our number, and their baptismal date when we go inviting. Awesome! So far for the month of January there have been 100 baptisms! There is still one more week and I am way excited to see how many more are baptized next week!

This weekend there was an Australian RM and his daughter who came to Bangkapi. The daughter's name is Emma and she's 12. On Saturday there was a YW activity at the church that we invited our investigator to, and Emma showed up as well. So they asked me to translate for her and join in the activity! Way fun!! I also got to go to YW's on Sunday and translate. I haven't been to YW's here, so I really enjoyed that. Also, Emma's dad was a missionary when Brother Goodman (my mission prep teacher at the Y) was mission president here. They've kept in good contact and have done some work together here. He's going to tell B. Goodman hello for me! So fun!

Today I read Alma 44. It was so intense! Holy Cow! I would be way scared to not obey him if I was a Lamanite! Anyway, today our district is heading to Asoke to have lunch with President Senior!! So, I'm going to start sending pics so we can head out soon! 

I love you all so much! 

Have an amazing week!


Liz :)