Monday, March 3, 2014

Visit from "the other" Bishop Stevenson!

Hello wonderful family! Thanks for the awesome emails and pictures! Holy cow, it is cold in Whitefish! That is so crazy! That's not normal, right? Hopefully it warms up to at least 0 degrees so Daniel can go skiing! haha It's definitely getting hot here, we are melting allllll day long! And we're just barely into hot season. I guess next month is when it's killer! Good thing we have Songkran! (a nationwide waterfight all week long).

Thanks for finding out about the missionaries in WF. I'm excited to help out when I get back. However, I feel like I'll need some practice teaching falangs! The other day I had to give a prayer in English for a meeting we had with an Australian brother in the ward. It was probably the worst prayer that's ever been given. I haven't prayed in English since I went to the MTC and I stumbled over all my words.
Well, this was a great week! Lots of good things happened!

Last Monday we had a fun get together with the missionaries and some recent converts. For FHE we went to eat together at a seafood place. When we were finished eating we went to the ice cream bar for desert. I drizzled some sauce over my ice cream, which I thought was coconut milk. It was so nasty. I went back to read the label and it was actually durian juice. So gross! haha Always read the label first! Actually, here in Thailand, it's normally better to just eat, don't ask questions! Sometimes you don't want to know what you're eating.

A couple of days ago both Sis. Sawangwong and I ended up wearing pink. I told her it was pink day, but then she emphatically told me it was actually yellow day. I was so confused and asked why. Apparently in Thailand every day has a color. However, she does not know why. But, just fyi, every day in Thailand has a coordinating color. haha

Last week our phone’s touch screen broke, so we got to go to Asoke and get a new one. It's pretty hi-so and fancy. However, our numbers didn't transfer, so we're working on increasing our contact list.

This week the AC repair man finally came! Now the air that comes out is cold!! In fact, maybe a little too cold. Our electric bill has been suuuper cheap lately!

This week we also went house hunting with the Elders. They live in a sketchy little house that's pretty far from everything, so they're trying to find a new place. It's helpful having Sister Sawangwong there to talk with the apartment managements. There are some pretty sweet places around here! I never thought I'd enjoy looking at houses. The mission changes you in more ways than you realize!

Brother Israel, an Australian member in the ward, gave us a training on the "stop smoking program" that he used when he was a missionary. It sounds pretty great! I have never had an investigator with a smoking problem, but it'll be really useful in the future if I do. And it'll help some of the elders with their current investigators. I also found out that Australian accents are easier for Sis. S to understand. B. Somgiad as well! So, I've been trying to speak in an Australian accent lately. Definitely do not have the gift of accents! I don't think she can understand me at all when I try to speak like that.

So, we have quite a few new investigators this week! Everyone we taught accepted a baptismal date, but for either the end of this month or next month. We have some great investigators, with sincere desires to search out the truth.

Yesterday was an awesome day at church! We had 7 investigators at church and the elder's investigator was baptized! Afterwards we went crazy trying to teach everyone! It was crazy trying to get it all in, but I just love teaching! I used to be so afraid to teach when I was in Mahasarakham because we taught so rarely. Here we are teaching all the time and it is so fun! I just love it! It really has made me realize how not very well I understood the doctrine of our church. Everyone should study Preach My Gospel! Especially chapter 3. It defines things so clearly. I love PMG!

Okay, yesterday was probably one of the most exciting days of the week because the Presiding Bishop of the church came to speak to us!!! Bishop Stevenson and his wife were touring Asia and stopped to talk to us in BKK! It was so awesome! We got a lot of really great counsel from the Stevensons and the Seniors. Bishop Stevenson focused a lot on the process of moving progressors to being daters. It was really helpful. However, at this point in the mission it seems like we are counseled to not really spend time on people that aren't going to be baptized in the very near future. Everyone is supposed to be a dater! He also shared his experience of being able to sit in on the mission selection process. He told us we were sent here for a very specific reason, and part of that reason is the people that we are going to find and teach. He told the story of Cornelius and Peter in Acts 10. I had just barely read that in my personal study and was so excited that he shared it. I love it! He encouraged us to find our own Cornelius! It was a really great meeting! Such a huge boost! I love meeting with the Seniors and I love when we get to hear from our leaders. What an awesome experience. 

So, those are some of the main events of this week! It was really great! And the basketball game we were playing is way popular here, we used to play it out in the Esan all the time, too. It's called "chairball." 

I love you all so much! Thanks for being the most amazing, loving, supportive family! Have a great week!


Lizzy! :)