Monday, March 17, 2014

"The Morning Breaks" . . . apart

Hello wonderful, amazing family!

Well, this has been a great week! It's been a bit crazy with transfers but things are going really well. I'll just go through the main events of the week in order.

Last Monday was way fun! We went to lunch with Sister Anjana, shopped at the mall, sat in massage chairs, went bowling with the elders, and had Swensens! 

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Asoke! There is nothing better than getting together with all the missionaries and President/Sister Senior. Always such a boost! Getting to zone conference was a bit of an adventure! Our whole district met at the pier to catch a boat to Asoke. Boats come by about every 5 minutes. So, the first boat came and we all scrambled to get on. I hopped on and so did Elders Clarke and Wolfley. But before Sis. Sawangwong and the other two elders could get on, our boat pulled away! Ahhhhhh! I have never been split from a companion before! So I just yelled for her to stay with the elders and hop on the next boat. It was the weirdest feeling. While we were sailing to Asoke our boat broke down and we pretty much drifted down the khlong until our boat was going slow enough for another boat to come along side it and slow it down. Then we all hopped onto the other boat. In the meantime, Sis. S's boat passed us so they made it to Asoke before us and I think they were way worried when we weren't there. But we finally showed up and we were all reunited.

Zone conference was so great! Met up with so many friends! I felt like this zone conference was meant to encourage us all and make us feel extra good about ourselves! haha I loved it!  I'll write my notes from it in a letter. I think my favorite part of zone conference was the opening song. We opened the meeting with hymn #1, "The Morning Breaks," and it was a disaster. haha We couldn't really hear the piano, and no one was singing it right. And then when the song splits into men and women, it totally fell apart. It was awful! My favorite was watching Sis. Senior on the stand because she could not stop laughing. Pres. Senior got up to speak after that and explained the background to the song and that the meaning behind it is very profound, but that our rendition of it was awful! So funny!

On Wednesday we had a random lady call us telling us that she has a granddaughter that wants to be baptized asap. Whoa! So we went and taught her. The granddaughter is 13 years old. She is in our area just for summer break right now. The grandma doesn't live here full time though (she's a member). She owns an orchard in the south. So, there are a lot of logistics here that the zone leaders will let me know whether or not she can be baptized. Anyway, that was a huge miracle that we are very grateful for!

On Thursday we had our mini-transfer! There was no transfer meeting, the AP's just called us and told us where/when to meet our new companions. It was a bit of a mess trying to get everyone to the right spots. We pretty much spent the whole day figuring it all out. So, Sister Sawangwong is in Bangkaen now with Sister Stewart. She was a little disappointed to be staying in BKK (it borders Bangkapi's area), but she is soooo lucky to have Sister Stewart as a companion. She is so sweet and so awesome! 

So, Sister Peterson is my new companion! She's way cute! She's been up in Pitsanuloog with Sister Mullen. How fun is that? I am really excited for the rest of this transfer. I think we are going to have a great time together and work hard! Sis. P is a little bit on the quieter side, has a funny sense of humor and is just really cute. I'm really happy we're serving together. Right now I'm a little bit stressed because we don't have any firm daters and our investigator pool is a bit weak. We need to have one more person baptized by the end of this month, and none of our daters came to church yesterday. So, I'm just praying hard that this week we'll have some miracles. We already did yesterday! 

Before we left the apartment to go to church I prayed that people would come to church. Well, as we pulled up to the church a random lady showed up that I didn't recognize. I went to greet her and introduce myself. Turns out she had asked a motorcyle driver to take her to the nearest Christian church and this is where he thankfully took her! So, she stayed the whole time and loved it! We taught her and she would not accept a baptismal date, even though she said she was willing to be baptized. So, we're going to try and meet with her today or tomorrow. Anyway, that was a miracle! So grateful!

Yesterday was an awesome day at church. A lady from the stake came to present about family history. But in Sacrament Meeting the Bishop invited her to share her testimony. She got up and after talking for a couple of minutes she said that Pocahontas could explain her feelings best. Then she began singing one of the songs in Pocahontas that Grandmother Willow sings about if you "listen with your heart, then you'll believe..." or something like that. I was so glad that I was towards the back of the room because I could not stop laughing! Made my day! haha

So, this has been a great week. I'm really happy to be serving with Sister Peterson. Right now we're working hard to get new investigators and help the ones we already have reach their baptismal date. Things are great! I know that Heavenly Father is helping us so much here and with hard work, obedience, and faith amazing things will continue to happen. I just love being a missionary soooooo much!

I love you all so much and hope that this week goes well!