Monday, March 24, 2014

Red Ant Dance - Part 2

Hello Familia!
Well, this was a great week! We definitely saw miracles, so thank you so much for your prayers! 

First of all, last Monday was way fun! We went to the Crocodile farm again. It was sweltering hot. Sweat was literally dripping down my nose all day long. I went to take a picture with an elephant and it wiped its trunk all over my bag and my arm. Had snot and dirt all over the place! After the farm we went to the sea! So much fun! It was a really great P-day!

Like I said, this week we definitely had miracles! I've been a bit stressed about making our goal for two people being baptized this month. Sister Pat was baptized at the beginning of the month, which was a huge miracle. Now we would just like one more person to be baptized. 

So, if all goes as planned it's looking like Sister Grape and Sister Nang will be baptized this Sunday! So grateful!

Yesterday at church was so awesome! I just felt like the speakers and teachers were extra awesome and everyone was so happy! Elder and Sister Marvel (a senior couple here) are heading home next week. So, they came to Bangkapi and gave a fireside on the Perpetual Education Program. The couple that is taking their place is here already and they came as well- Elder and Sister Seppi. They are so cute! They are from Sandy. So that was fun! 
I was just so happy in Sacrament meeting especially. It was so awesome to see Sister Boat give the opening prayer, Brother Somgiad bless the sacrament, and Brother Dtam pass it. Best feeling ever!

Also, I have to tell you about Martin. Martin is from Cameroon and was baptized on the 16th of this month. He's the Lad Phrao elder's investigator. He actually lives at our apartment complex and I ran into him about two weeks ago. We talked briefly but I was in a bit of a hurry so I just gave him the address to the church and told him to come to church on Sunday. Well, he showed up and he really clicked with Elder Black. So, they started teaching him and he wanted to be baptized so badly. So, the following Sunday he was baptized. He's so awesome! He told me that I was sent of God to direct him to church and that he prays for me every single day and asks God to bless me. He's the sweetest! And it kind of made me feel bad that I was a little bit hurried in our first meeting. He doesn't speak Thai at all, but the ward members are taking good care of him. On Saturday night we missionaries and some other members went to Sister Ooy's house for dinner. She wanted Martin to come and she tried to invite other farangs because she wanted him to feel comfortable and make friends in the ward. How sweet is that? Way cool! 

Here are some funny things that happened:

On Tuesday we were walking to the post office to drop off a record in the mail. I stopped to talk to a street vendor about baptism and as I was talking I felt something on my legs. I looked down and I was standing on top of an ant hill and red ants were crawling all over my legs and feet! haha I screamed and started swatting them off and I think the vendor was amused. Then I continued to try and explain baptism, but I kept feeling ants biting my legs and I had to keep swatting them. Finally I just asked him if he wanted to be clean from sin, left him a pass-along card, and continued on to the post office. haha

At the post office we also had an interesting encounter. This lady ran up to us and told us that her son had served a mission before and that he lives in the states now. She then took my hand and started to give it a massage and compared it to my un-massaged hand to notice how it was not as smooth. I was way confused. Then she started showing us good stretches that we should do daily. We got a good laugh over that!  I grabbed her phone number and called her later, but I don't think she's interested. 

Also, one day when we were inviting this lady came up to me and started giving me pamphlets about her church, invited me to a worship service and then asked for my number. That was definitely a reversal of roles! haha 

There is a food court close to our house that we go to once or twice a week. It's pretty good, there's just tons of different Thai food you can choose from. Anyway, you get utensils from a bin and take them to your own table. So, this week I found out that those utensils are not actually clean. There is a pot of boiling water that you're supposed to stick the utensils in, which then washes- and hopefully- disinfects them. So, I have been eating off of used utensils for the last 3 months. Just barely figured out what that pot of water was for! Nasty! I have a great immune system. Haha

On Friday at sports day we played Sardines and it was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. I don't think they understood the point of the game, because the people hiding would switch locations so as not to be found. When Brother Dtam was hiding he literally climbed out the church window to escape the seekers. Made me laugh so hard! They did NOT want to be found!

I'm loving serving with Sister Peterson. She's so cute! She has a great sense of humor, and she's awesome! I think this is going to be a really fun transfer.

Things are going great here! I just love being a missionary! I love you all so so so much! I hope all goes well with preparations to leave for California! Have soooooo much fun! Have a great, safe, awesome week!


Liz :)