Monday, July 7, 2014

 In front of the KhonKaen church

 On our way to FHE together
 On our way out to Brother Da's house
 Brother Da. Notice the Indian Chief.
 The dtukae at Bro. Da's house
 Sister Sawangwong finally caught the dtukae that was in our house!
Would you like to know more?
 Role plays at English class

 Chinese Temple
 The sign says Mahasarakham. I want to gooooo!
 Thank you for the brownies!
 Book of Mormon class
 My cute patriotic companion
 It's hard to find a good dinosaur fishing shop these days.
 Sister Sawangwong had been carrying this cockroach around on her skirt.
 Oh, how I missed my bike!

Gift from Sister Su :)