Monday, July 21, 2014

Caring for new Converts

It's so crazy that Sister Mullen and her group are going home in a couple weeks! I remember when we first got to Mahasarakham together and realizing that we both had such a long ways to go. I feel like their group made a lot of good changes in the mission and became all the awesome trainers and STL's. It's going to be so weird having them gone. So grateful for all that they have done for this mission!

Well, this was a great week! I'll go in order of the events! 

Last Monday was way fun! We had a great FHE out at a member family's house. The Mom's name is Sister Jiw (she's also the Relief Society president), the Dad's name is Brother Twee, and the son's name is Brother Tiw. They're such an awesome family. They invited quite a few members and it was so much fun! We all ate Suggi and I shared a spiritual thought from 2 Nephi. It was a great evening and I really felt the love and unity of these members! Also, it was such a pretty bike ride out to their house. They live on the other side of a huge pond.

So, on Monday I must have sent President Senior a rather panicked sounding letter because he called me later that afternoon and told me not to stress out. haha  He told me that we have a specific assignment to strengthen the newly baptized converts. Later Sister Senior told us that's the reason that they increased the amount of sisters in this area (because most of the recent converts are females). 
This weekend there was a district leadership training in Roi Et and President and Sister Senior were going there to address them. They had to pick up Elder Wu at the Khon Kaen airport so they stopped by to say hi to us, as well! I was so excited! We only got to meet for about forty-five minutes but it was so awesome! President Senior reviewed a lot of things in chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel and then they went and played with some of the members for sports day for a few minutes! Such a boost to meet with them!

This week we had a lot of successes in our inviting and in contacting recent converts. We got to teach two new investigators named Joe and Om. Joe has been going to many different churches and is trying to find truth. When we taught the restoration message he told me that he feels like Joseph Smith- totally confused about what to believe. We promised him that we have his answer and if he is sincere in his prayers and in reading the Book of Mormon, he'll get the confirmation that he needs. So, he came to church on Sunday! Hopefully this week we can meet with him a few times and help him increase his faith and accept our message fully. Sister Om is someone we met at a park. We taught her the restoration lesson and she agreed to come to church. However, she didn't show up and she had her phone turned off on Saturday and Sunday, so I’m not sure what happened there. Also, we had quite a few appointments set up with random people that we contacted off the street that fell through. So, I feel like we saw a lot of miracles this week, but sometimes those miracles don't turn into what we're hoping for. Anyway, it was a good week, we're really hoping that we can help Joe progress!

On Wednesday Elder Lingard led a really great Book of Mormon class. He had us read many verses in the scriptures about putting on the armor of God and then had us draw our own warriors. haha The members loved it! I was way impressed with him- he's only been out for 2 transfers and he lead that whole class and was awesome! I would have been really scared to do that at the point where he is now. He did great!

This week we got to finally meet with Brother At and Sister Ying. They are two recent converts that we've had a hard time getting a hold of. They were both so cute! I felt really happy to finally meet with them. We also have one recent convert named Sister On that works at a department store so we go teach her there. She loves the gospel! She literally talked to us almost non-stop for an hour about all the things she's been learning since she became a member. This lady's solid! Made me so happy.

On Saturday and Sunday Sister Carter was way sick with some sort stomach bug so we were at home most of the day. That's the first time that has ever happened to me on the mission, except for when Sis. Mullen got Dengue fever. However, I got a lot done in that time, that maybe I wouldn't have found time for otherwise. I spent many hours calling all these RC's, sending them text messages, teaching over the phone, etc... I also practiced the piano! I need to get better at sacrament hymns. I tend to play the piano here fairly often for church. Also, I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. While I was going through some of the shelves I found an old Liahona that had an article on President Monson. I started reading it and I had such a strong confirmation of President Monson's goodness and that he truly is a prophet of God! I love President Monson so much I literally started crying right there! At that same moment Sister Carter came out of the bedroom and I think she was a little confused at why I was sitting on the floor crying over a Liahona! haha  Anyway, it was really weird being at home, but I feel like a lot got done.

Anyway, on Sunday we had two investigators come to church! Brother Joe, and another random girl showed up named Bee. We were extremely low in the number of recent converts at church. But I spent a lot of time contacting every single one. We're going to do all we can to strengthen these people!!

Last week there was a less active lady that wanted a blessing from the elders. Well, she told them her real name and it was 14 syllables long! Elder Heras looked a little panicked because he was the one giving the blessing. I could not stop laughing! She ended up writing it on the whiteboard so he could read it. Thai names!

Also, lately we have this crow outside of our window that likes to make squawking noises like unto the ones that David makes! Every morning I wake up to that crow and it makes me a little homesick.

Well, I'm loving it here. We're working hard and doing all that we can to help our recent converts and to find new investigators.


Sister Stevenson