Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello family dear!

Well, I'll just go in order of what happened this week!

Last Tuesday we had a really fun English class! One of the senior couples suggested that we do a pioneer themed class since it was Pioneer Day. Sister Carter came up with some great ideas and it was a blast! We taught everyone how to sing "Home on the Range" and I accompanied on the guitar. Then we watched a short movie called "Zion's Camp" and then we taught everyone how to do the line dance to "Cotton Eyed Joe." They got a pretty big kick out of it and loved it! So fun! Took me right back to the good old days at stake dances.

Also, on Wednesday Sister Sawangwong lead a really fun Book of Mormon class. She taught about the Tree of Life from 1 Nephi 8 and we acted it out. She took a pretty potted tree from outside and attached Chupa Chup suckers to it to be the fruit. Then she made an iron rod out of some sort of rope, and created the Great and Spacious Building out of chairs. We read through that chapter and acted it out. Way fun! And, we had a good handful of recent converts there! Sister Niw and Brother Dtin, who we've never before seen in person randomly came!! Yes! So, that was a huge blessing!
Sister Luugnam, Sister Oo, and Sister On were there as well and we got to teach them! I feel like this week we got in contact with more people that we haven't met yet. Some of these people are so hard to contact. With a lot of them I am really confused how they even got baptized in the first place. We have one lady that works at a karaoke bar (which = extreme sketchy place). We stopped by one afternoon to try and meet her since she's never answered her phone and no one really knows her. So, we found her karaoke bar and she wasn't there. They told us we have to come back in the evening... which we were trying to avoid because that's not really a smart place to be going to at night. Anyway, we tried to get some help from the branch mission leader but he firmly told us that there are too many temptations at that place and will not step foot near her shop. So, I'm not totally sure what to do with her. haha We have a handful of other un-contactable, and uninterested people, but we're definitely making some progress, too! I was just really excited to finally meet with Niw, and Dtin. We also had some great lessons with On, Oo, On (different one), Air, At, Neuy, Gam, and Wan. So, we're seeing blessings for sure!

Oh, this was embarrassing: we went to teach Sister On and Sister Air. They both work at a department store and we met up with Sister On. She brought along a lady who I thought was Sister Air (I've only met this girl once and I could not remember what she looks like). We started teaching and I was asking them about commitments we'd given them, their thoughts about things that we taught about the Plan of Salvation, etc... Sister On was so excited to share, but "Air" was silent and seemed really uncomfortable. Then I said, "Okay, Sister Air, can you tell me what you understand about...." and they quickly told me this was NOT Sister Air. I'd gone the entire lesson thinking this was our recent convert, Air, but it was just a random co-worker of Sister On. Made me laugh. She seemed so confused! Oops!

This week we also saw some awesome miracles. We got a referral from the Roi Et sisters. His name is Dtaek. He's in his 30's and is married with a two year old girl. He was way excited to meet with us. On Thursday night he was on his way back into town from Udon and he called us asking if he could meet us at the church. It was about time for us to go back home, but he came and we gave him a brief church tour. He was really excited to come to church on Sunday and bring his family. Well, on Sunday something came up with work so he had to go in for half the day... however, he still showed up to the last 10 minutes of church. I was just really happy that he still decided to come, and we'll be meeting with him this week, of course! We also have another investigator named Phut. So, we'll try to help him as best we can! 

One day we were out walking down the street inviting and we ran into this man that was decked out in some camo outfit with this huge long beard. He identified us as Christians and before I could even really talk to him he began singing "Joy to the World" to us in Thai. haha Later that day we got serenaded again! 

That night we had a sports day at the church and one of the Elders' recent converts, named Phum, came. This guy is obsessed with Michael Jackson and spent a good chunk of the evening teaching me his dance moves. He then told me he can sing, as well and he sang his own rendition of Billy Jean. The best! He's actually pretty good at dancing!

Unfortunately, poor Sister Carter got sick again and we went to the hospital just to rule anything out. She's fine, but she had a pretty bad migraine so she spent some time recovering from that. She's feeling better now, though! She's a trooper!

I feel like this was a really boring email, but it was a good week! We were really blessed with two new investigators, and with the opportunity to meet some new recent converts. I'm also really glad that Sister Carter is feeling better and seems to be on the mend!

Well, I sure love you all so much! Thank you for being the most amazing family in the world! I love you more than I can describe! Have an awesome week!

Liz :)