Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Bangkapi Christmas...and a cat 'n run

Hola Khrccbkhrua!

Wow, it was amazing to see your faces and talk with you last week! I agree, best Christmas gift ever! You all look so great and I absolutely loved that time to talk with you!
This week has been great! Not a ton has happened since Wednesday, but there are a few notable things!

So, after Christmas P-day ended we had yet another ward Christmas party for the singles. It was really fun. Someone read from Luke 2, they had a fake fire playing on the TV, we sang Christmas songs, and then played some games. It was a great Christmas, definitely one I'll remember! So strange to be away from home and not have the whole big build up to Christmas, but the celebrations we had were really special and I really felt the Christmas spirit with the ward members here. And of course the Skype chat!! Cannot top that!!

As far as investigators go: We have three that are progressing really well!

The first is N. She is about 25 and was found off of a street contact and is progressing so well! She's learned just about everything and she really has a testimony. Unfortunately, her mom booked her a plane ticket home for the 3rd of January to return for a couple months.She tried to change the date of the ticket for later so that she could be baptized on the fifth. However, her mom couldn't change it. So, she'll have to wait until she returns (prob in February) to be baptized. There are no churches down in the south where she's from. I'm sad she's leaving, but we'll keep in good contact over the phone while she's gone. I think she'll stay strong!

Our second investigator is NL. She has a baptismal date for the fifth and she is learning well! She's already Christian and is already familiar with a lot of things we teach. She's accepted everything well and is on schedule to be baptized!

Our third investigator is named B. She's 20 years old and attending college. Super cute! She has learned almost everything and is excited to be baptized on the 5th as well!

It's really exciting! The elders also have an investigator ready to be baptized on the fifth so that will be an awesome day!

Also, yesterday we had 4, yes FOUR, investigators at church! I was so happy that they all came and had a great experience. I have never ever had four investigators at church! This was a miracle for sure! Also, yesterday when we went inviting we were able to talk with a lot of people and get a lot of numbers. Yesterday was just really great! Oh, while we were inviting I saw a falang so I went to go talk to him. He's this retired man from Texas who's lived here for a really long time. I tried to tell him about our message, but I literally could not do it! Every time I would start to explain something it would come out in Thai. I'm pretty sure when I get home from my mission I'm not going to be able to help the missionaries because I won't know what to say in English! haha It's just funny- I never thought it would actually be hard to teach in my own language. But I guess since we learn to be missionaries in Thai it makes sense. But it made me laugh. He was not interested, probably because he couldn't understand what on earth I was talking about. However, he told me he has some great devout Mormon friends in Salt Lake but has lost touch with them and wondered if I knew them! haha The world of Mormonism is small, but I'm afraid it is not that small! He told me they lived on Smiley street. Is anyone familiar with Smiley street? 

Anyway, I am really blessed to be serving here in Bangkapi and I LOVE IT!!!!! I love the ward, I love my companion, I love our investigators, and I love this work! I have really felt the spirit a lot lately and it's really helped my testimony grow!

I love you all so much!

Liz :)

p.s. This week Sister Sawangwong ran over a cat with her bike. Cat was fine. I could not stop laughing, I've never seen that happen before!