Monday, December 9, 2013

Miracles and Mubahs

 Hello familia!!

 It was a great week with lots of miracles! We were way blessed!

On Tuesday at English class we had a handful of new students. That in itself is a miracle. However, it was even more miraculous that after class one of the students came up to me and asked for her own copy of the Book of Mormon! There was also a new lady who was way attentive when we gave the spiritual thought at the end of the English lesson, and she marked on her registration form that she was interested to learn from the missionaries about the purpose of life. So, I am excited to see what comes of these new English students! So awesome!

Earlier this week we had a great lesson with B! Sister Ooy was working with her and she helped us teach. I don't even really remember what the lesson was, but Sister Ooy shared her own conversion story and talked about some of the concerns she'd had before she was baptized. She, like B, felt obligated with certain Buddhist traditions, but also really had a testimony of what the missionaries were teaching. She told about how she had prayed and studied and received the answer that she needed to be baptized. Her testimony was really powerful and it really hit Sister B because she accepted a baptismal date for the 15th of this month! Huge miracle and amazing blessing! We had a super sincere fast for her this week and we're really hoping that pulls through. I am a little worried because she ended up not going to church yesterday because things came up with work, but I'm praying really hard that she'll be baptized on Sunday!

We also have had some great visits and lessons with Sister Bu. Lately she's been way into crocheting and every time we come over she shows us something new she's made. She's been wanting to teach us, so she got us yarn and a hook and taught us how to crochet. I'll attach a picture of my masterpiece. haha Let's just say crocheting is not my strength. But it's fun and it made Bu so happy! So, we're crocheting away like crazy over here!

Dad- Happy Thai Father's Day! The 5th was the King's Birthday, so it was father’s day! I love you so much and am so grateful for you! Happy Father's day to Grandpa as well! I love you both so much!

Okay, this was another awesome miracle this week! Last Tuesday at English class two of our students, U and F (15 year old girls) were staring at the Book of Mormon reading chart that's posted in the hallway. Sis Crockett noticed them and went and talked to them about the Book of Mormon and gave them each one, then set up an appointment to read with them. So, Saturday morning we met at the church to read. We hadn't been able to find a member to come to the lesson with us, but when we showed up at the church a sister from the branch was randomly sitting there reading her Book of Mormon! Miracle! So, she helped us teach. Basically we each took turns going around the circle and reading a verse from 1 Nephi 1. We tried to apply things we'd learned from Zone Training a couple weeks ago about using this chapter to teach principles of the restoration. After each verse we'd talk about what they understood, what they liked, etc... and then pointed out things and explained principles. It was a way awesome experience. I really felt the Spirit and I think U and F did, as well. F had a lot of questions about baptism that we answered and then accepted a date to be baptized! Amazing! 

Heavenly Father is really truly blessing us and we are getting the guidance that we need! I got such a boost from this last week!

So, some interesting/ funny/ weird things that happened this week:

We were out contacting and we saw a falang down the street. So I went up to him and said hello and asked him how he was doing. He obviously could barely speak English and he was German, so I said, "Sprechen zie deutch?" Mistake. He then proceeded to go on for 3 or 4 minutes in German and I had no idea what he was talking about. The only words I caught were Vietman, cigarettes, and mafia. Not even joking. Made my day!

A few minutes after that a Thai man rode up on his motorcycle and stopped to talk. He shook Sister Crockett's hand and as he was speaking a huge string of drool dropped from his mouth into his lap. He went on as if nothing had happened. So gross and so funny. I'm glad he wasn't talking to me because I couldn't stop laughing!

Yesterday we were out contacting at a banog and as we were walking down the street a little dog came out and started barking at us. I don't worry about the little ones so we kept walking and as we passed it the dog literally started slithering towards us. It was on its belly and used its arms and legs to army crawl toward us. And it was going fast too! It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen and it kept following Sister Crockett! So funny!

Last night we had dinner at Sister Ooy's house with the Elders which was way nice. After that the Elders wanted to take us to find a mubah (wart hog/wild boar thing) that they'd seen near sister Ooy's house earlier that day. We ended up going on this crazy bike ride through the middle of nowhere in the dark only to find no mubah and not even any tracks. I still think they were lying! haha Gave us a little adventure on our way home, though!

Anyway, it's been a super awesome amazing week!

Thanks for being such an amazing family and working so hard! I appreciate you and love you all soooooo much!