Monday, April 21, 2014

"Haaappy, Baptism to you!"

Hello everybody and Happy Easter! 

Well, this was a great week! Songkran was sooooo much fun! I'm glad the ward posted pictures because I don't really have any. I didn't want to take my camera because it would probably get ruined. But it was way fun! During Songkran (Sunday-Tuesday) we had to be in by 7:00 for safety reasons, so we got a lot of cleaning, organizing, and calls done. It was good! After Monday we were so sunburned and so tired, but it was so worth it. 

Falangs tend to come to Thailand during Songkran because it's way fun. While we were walking to the bus station to head back to Bangkapi on Monday I looked down in the Khlong (sewage canal that they run boats on for transportation) and there was this blonde-haired falang lady swimming in it. I think all of us missionaries were in shock and horror.... falling into the khlong is one of my worst fears and this lady was voluntarily swimming in it! haha Not so sure that tourist knew what she was swimming in.

So two Fridays ago I had a switch-off and went to Saphaan Suung with Sister Holmes and Gittima! It was way fun. Everything fell through so we pretty much invited all day long. It was pretty rainy, but we had a really fun time! Love those two!

Last Sunday was just really cool. Sister Peterson and I had split up to teach people after church. I got done first so I walked down the hall to find out which room she was in and I noticed that every single one of us missionaries had split up. There were so many people to teach that all 8 of us were teaching separately. It was kind of a cool sight! Also, last year there were 29 baptisms in Bangkapi. This year, as of this last Sunday, there have been 36! Amazing! Heavenly Father is really blessing this area right now (and I think it's freaking the members out a bit, too! haha) I think before long they're going to be splitting the ward!

Okay, Mom, at the Women's Conference that they had before General Conference, do you remember an "I am a Child of God" medley with people from all over the world? There are Thai people in it from the Jaengwattana church! We got to watch the medley. So awesome! Not sure if you would have realized that or not, but it might be fun to go see again.

So, this week our Book of Mormon class went really well. We read 1 Nephi 16 about the Liahona and breaking the bow. There was such good class discussion and everyone was so involved. I just felt really happy after that class!

Okay, so yesterday was absolutely amazing because seven investigators of the elders were baptized (four of them were a family- awesome!). One of our investigators was supposed to be baptized, Chompu, but things fell through because of her testing schedule. So, we were a little sad about that, but hopefully soon she'll be baptized, too! However, we did have a save yesterday! Sister Noy is now active again, and is even bringing us investigators (Grape and Mink's grandma/aunt). Yesterday, she brought two new friends to church for us to teach, Ying and her daughter Pow. After church and before the baptism I had the chance to go teach them with sister Noy. The lesson went well and they are very receptive to everything. Half way through the lesson Noy got a call and it turns out they'd just received a huge amount of money from their business in the South. So, those two were freaking out and way excited and decided it was a blessing from God for coming to church. I guess it might be... I just hope they don't expect that every time they come to church! haha Anyway, Ying and Pow are awesome and they accepted a date for May 4th!

So, this may have been the highlight of my day: On Monday I guess Sister Peterson had found out that it was Sister Ploy's birthday on Sunday (investigator of the elders). So, on Saturday night we went and bought her some little cupcakes for her birthday and we were way excited to go give them to her on Sunday. After church we (the elders and a bunch of members) walked down  the street together to go surprise Ploy for her birthday. Well, Elder Clarke decided to be creative and just pretend like we were going there to fill out her baptismal record, and then when he asked for her birth date we would all start singing. Well, we did just that, but when he asked for her birthday, she could not remember and ran to get her passport and then proclaimed that her birthday was on June 7th...  Well, I just about died laughing, as well as the members. So, I snuck the birthday card off of her cupcakes and we wished her a happy baptism day instead. Everyone was way confused and way amused. Pretty sure Ploy was confused why the Elders had brought us and a whole bunch of members to come get her personal info for the baptismal record.  Anyway, after that Sister Peterson and I left to go inviting and about 15 minutes later I got a call from Elder Clarke asking who on earth had bought the cupcakes. Ploy had taken them out to share with the remaining people at her house and apparently they were coffee and green tea flavored. Ooops! haha I could not stop laughing on the phone with Elder Clarke over his confusion and amusement at our buying coffee and green tea cupcakes! Made my day!

Basically, yesterday was amazing because 7 people were baptized, Sister Noy is reactived, Heavenly Father blessed us with 3 new investigators, and we had a good dose of humor, too!

I love you all so much!


Liz :)