Monday, April 14, 2014

Triple thrill! Conference, baptisms, Songkran. Oh...and add a monster centipede.

Hello Familia!

Thank you for the amazing emails and pictures! You are the best! I love you so much! And I was so grateful we were able to find a place that was open to email. Sad you're all asleep, though! haha

Anyway, today was the FUNNEST day of my life! Songkran needs to happen in the States! 

First, I'll let you know the main events of this week: Sister Mink got baptized! It was a happy day! One of the Elders' investigators, Khwan, got baptized as well. Yesterday was absolutely amazing because we got to listen to General Conference, Mink and Khwan got baptized, and Songkran began! The best!

I loved Conference so much. When they zoom in on Temple Square it takes me home! I just loved all the talks. They were really straight forward; people need to get their lives in order, defend their faith, and prepare themselves for all that's going to unfold. It was way exciting to me! I loved it!

Okay, so I can't really remember what else happened this week. We just came from playing songkran, so I don't have my planner with all my notes from the week. So, I'll just tell you about today.

Oh, wait! So yesterday were the baptisms, but we all totally forgot to clean and fill the font the night before. So, yesterday morning Sister Peterson and I went over to the church at 6:30 am to go clean the font. Well, that was the most terrifying thing I've probably ever done on the mission! As we started to fill the font just a tad so I could scrub it out, this HUGE NASTY centipede thing came out of the drain! I have never moved so fast as I did then to get out of the font! The thing was longer than my foot and started crawling all over the place. So, I called the Elders and asked them how to kill it because they get those a lot in their house. I ended up sweeping it up into a bucket and pouring floor cleaner all over it. Sickest thing ever. That will show up in my nightmares. I seriously can't believe how big the bugs are here.

Well, today was sooooo much fun! So, Songkran is traditionally Thai New Years, and they celebrate it with a waterfight (that is very timely because it is soooooo hot this time of year). I’m sure there's history behind it, too, but no one I ask seems to know. Anyway, this morning we met at the church at 8:30 with at least 30 + members and we headed to Asoke to go play Songkran at Central World and Siam Paragon. It was the funniest, funnest thing ever! Everyone is dressed up in colorful shirts and equipped with a water gun. Everyone is free game and you shoot people as you please. In Asoke we met up with a ton of missionaries. I got to see Sister Sawangwong! So happy! Pretty much everyone just ran around squirting each other all afternoon. But at the places we went they have it set up really fun with lots of places to fill up your squirt guns and with music, food, etc.... I don't think I’ve been this wet before, even when I shower! They also like to take this clay/powder stuff and wipe it all over your face. The bus ride home was hilarious. Every few minutes people along the side of the road would throw buckets full of water through the bus windows and soak us all. I can't even describe how much fun and how funny it all is. This is by far my favorite holiday here! Also, another tradition that goes along with Songkran is "way-ing" grandparents. They pour water on your head and then give you advice, encouragement, blessing, etc... Sweet!

Have an awesome week! I can't download pictures at this place because our regular internet place is closed. Next week I'll send baptismal/songkran pictures! (But I'm sure plenty of people in the ward will post some, too!)

Love you all!


Liz :)