Monday, April 28, 2014

I just love it here.

Hellooooo familia! 

So, this was a great week!

We did not get to go to transfer meeting because we were not moving. I was a little bummed because it's always such a fun boost to meet with everybody, and now I don't really know where anybody is. haha However, Thursday ended up being a really awesome day for us here in Bangkapi. We ended up going on quite the adventure with Jane to go find a lady that invited us over to visit. It was somewhere that I'd never been before here and we ended up at this beautiful park with a pond and all sorts of palm trees and flowers. So cool! This lady lives really close to this park. She's adorable. Love this lady. She's learned with missionaries previously, but it just never worked out. We gave her a baptismal date for the 4th of May which she accepted.

On Thursday we also got to teach Sister Pat. She has been out of town with Songkran and work so it was so great to finally meet with her face to face. She's doing well and is so awesome. She seemed so happy yesterday at church! Love it!

Sister NL has not been coming to church for about a month or so now and she hasn't been answering her phone. So, we did a little detective work to find out where she works and we went and found her last week. She was super busy with customers so we just had a brief chat. On Saturday we went to her work again (and walked the whole 5 miles there so we could get in some inviting on the way) and she was not busy. We got to talk and even got to meet her mom. Turns out she'd picked up a temporary summer job until school starts up again. She stops working on the 16th and will be back to church. She has been reading and praying. So that was a relief and we are so grateful. Now we just need to make sure she stays strong. That was a big miracle from this week!

This week we got a handful of new investigators in the form of formers and from inviting.

Another new investigator of ours is named B. He's from Nigeria and lives in our apartment complex; however, we met him street contacting. He came to church on Sunday and seemed to like it. We had Brother Martin help us teach, as well as some other YW that can speak English pretty well. The lesson went fine and the YW gave the sweetest testimonies in English. I just loved hearing them! So, we're meeting with him this week and we'll see where it goes from there!

One thing I can say, though, is that I do NOT know how to teach very well in English. Things that I say in Thai or ways that I describe things just don't translate very well back into English. If the missionaries ever want me to help them teach when I get  back to the states they are going to think I am so lame. But it was a good experience!

So, yesterday was ward conference so the Stake Presidency came and gave wonderful talks! Also, Somgiad and Dtam got ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood! 

Since it was a special day the Bishop arranged a special song for us missionaries and a member to sing together. We sang "Where Love Is" and just Sister Peterson and I were assigned to sing alto while one other lady sang soprano. So, at certain points in the song we were in a little trio and they made us get right up close to the microphone. I hadn't really practiced the song, so pretty sure I messed the whole thing up, but no one seemed to notice. haha Also, at one point in the song the lady singing soprano had a solo. As she began to sing the first line of the song she dramatically held out the last note of the line and the ward clerk played some chimes so it sounded a little bit mystical... haha So funny. But it was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all! 

Next week the plan is for Sister Ying and Paow to be baptized. They're cute! They couldn't stay for all of church yesterday because her dad was in the hospital and they needed to go be with him. So we're praying everything pulls through for their baptism, and that the dad gets feeling better, too! One thing is for sure, though, Grape loves coming to church and that really helps Mink and Paow, too! So awesome!

So, we had a great visit at Sister O's house. She is so sweet. We visit her usually every week. This time we brought Sister Janti, Sister Fon, and Sister Nat. They are all so awesome! It's just amazing to me to hear the testimonies from these recent converts. They are so sincere and love the gospel. It really helps my testimony to listen to what they share. I love love love it!

This has been a really great week! I just really adore everyone here. I feel like my time here in Bangkapi is really helping my testimony grow, and I especially feel like I understand the gospel principles in a way I never have before. It's something that I treasure and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for it!

I love love love love it here! I'm excited for this transfer ahead of us! Sister Peterson is awesome and I just love her to death. She's such an awesome missionary and is so much fun to be with. This is going to be a great transfer!

Oh, just so you know, in August they are switching back to 6 week transfers, which will definitely affect the day I come home. I'm still not sure exactly how, but there's a chance it may get pushed out a couple weeks. So, I'll keep you updated.

I love you all so much!

Have an awesome time in Utah and tell everybody I love them!  


Sister Liz  :)