Monday, April 7, 2014

Area Seventy from Thailand!

Hello, hello family! 

Well, right now I am in Sapaan Suung because we had a zone sports day. We played basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. It's so hot, I was sweating like a pig, but it was way fun and refreshing to just run around.

This week was awesome!

Tuesday was way fun because it was Elder Gettavong's birthday and President Senior came to our district meeting! In the morning the Elders bought this tiny little brownie and stuck at least twenty trick candles in it. They lit them all and pretty much had a torch coming off the top of the brownie and it was a feat blowing them all out, but Elder G loved it! At the church a few members were vacuuming the lobby and all of a sudden a rat came scrambling out from under a sofa. Elder G went running after it, caught it, and then paraded around the church with it. Nasty! haha He likes to catch reptiles, rodents, and birds.

We had zone conference a few weeks ago, but Pres. Senior wasn't able to interview our district. So he came to district meeting and then interviewed us afterwards. It is always so much fun and such a boost to meet with President!

So, yesterday Sister Nang was confirmed and she was so happy. Earlier in the week we taught her about temple work for the dead and she was SO excited about that. She is way gung-ho to do her family history because she wants everyone to be baptized, including two of her deceased children. This gospel brings people so much peace and happiness! Just can't wait for a temple to be here in Thailand as well!

I am waaaaay excited about Elder Khanakham! He was assigned to the Esan area when I was there, so he helped with interviews and training often. He's so awesome and it is way exciting that Thailand now has an Area Seventy!

Sister Mink ended up not getting baptized this week because her aunt, Sister Noy, had a change in work and had to go to the south and bring her also.  I called her and tried to see if she could work it out to come to church, but she said no, and that she'd come next week. Well, Elder Gettavong ended up calling her as well a little later that day, and Sister Noy took it as a sign that God wanted her to come to church! So, she delayed her travel plans, brought the girls to church, as well as a new investigator for us, Ying. Grape was able to be confirmed, and next week Mink will be baptized! So grateful!

Also, the other day we were street contacting and I lost my planner somewhere. That was a big problem because it has a lot of important phone numbers. Also, we'd walked probably about 2-3 miles out and then turned back. So it was a lot of area to cover. We prayed, got on bus and went a ways down the road until we felt like we should get off. We walked around a little bit and voila! Sitting on a bench was my planner! I feel like that was definitely a miracle because there's no way we would have found it that fast considering how far we'd gone! Heavenly Father was helping us not waste time and find my planner quickly! So awesome!!

Also, this week we taught Opal, along with her mom. We've taught her mom before, and although she is way supportive of Opal being baptized, she was never too interested. However, she sat in on our review lesson of the Plan of Salvation and baptismal work for the dead. I think it really touched her and she said she is going to try and change her work schedule so she can come to church and she wants to learn!! Blessings!!!

So we are happy and grateful for all the amazing things that happened this week!

I met an elderly man from D.C.  He was the cutest little thing and was so excited to talk to us. He asked us about what we were doing and we spent some time explaining. He is very familiar with Mormons, and he said that after talking with us he would never say a bad thing about a Mormon again!

Also, at church yesterday I had to translate for Sister Sue in RS. It was all about staying out of debt, President Heber J Grant’s experience with a financial crisis in the late 1800's, and being smart about investments. That was probably the worst translating I’ve ever done.

I love you all so much!


Lizzy! :)